Types Of Tape In Hair Extensions- Read The Proper Guide

 Wanna have a new and attractive look with long hair? But not having proper growth? Then you don’t have to worry! Why? However, there are many types and ways through which people look attractive and beautiful. Tape-in hair extension is the latest trend that is going on in the hair extension market. In addition to this, there are many types of tape in hair extensions that people are using. On the other hand, the hair extension is designed to give volume and color to the natural hair. 

Moreover, this is one of the ways through which people have undeniable confidence. However, the hair extension comprises of the pre-taped hair wefts and thin taped weft. They are fixed in between the natural hair like a sandwich which is having good toppings. Read further to know more. 

Why tape in hair extension?- reasons 

Furthermore, the hair extensions are having a wide range of popularity. However, you are willing to know the reasons with which the tape in hair extension is famous for? So, here we are providing the reason for which the types of tape in hair extensions are the best choice to opt. thus, some of the reasons for applying tape in hair extension are as follows- 

Reasonable price

Hairstyles with tape in hair extensions are the cost-effective option that everyone prefers. However, this is the semi-permanent and stunning solution that is there in having a care for the hair extensions.  Therefore, this is one of the reasons that people prefer to go in for tape in hair extensions because of its reasonable price. 

Long-lasting nature 

Moreover, there are some of the adhesives used in the development of the tape in hair extensions. However, this is allowing you to have a design for your desired hair mane for a long period of time. Besides this, the hair itself is prettier than the adhesives. This is because of the reason that they are made from 100% Remy human hair. In addition to this, the hair is durable similar to the natural hair. On the other hand, it lasts for around 2 to 3 months with proper maintenance.  Another reason for the popularity of the hair extension is the long-lasting nature. 

Easier to maintenance 

Instead of having the clip and many things in the hairstyle, hairstyles with tape in hair extensions are easier to maintain.  However, you don’t have to put clips every time you get ready. On the other hand, they are already tapped in is the advantage that you don’t have to work too much. Other than this, you must keep in mind that the tape in hair extension requires proper maintenance and care. 

Instant volume and length 

This is again the best reason why people prefer to have tape in hair extensions. However, you can have the best hairstyles with tape in hair extensions while moving to a function. On the other hand, you can also have long hair look at a particular occasion. 

Last takeaways 

Therefore, these were all about having different types of tape in hair extensions. However, you can have the best hairstyle with the tape in hair extensions. So, look beautiful by having the extensions. 



Know about- Nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions

Know about- Nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions

  So, the wedding season is at your door! However, you have to prepare for all the things which are important in attending the wedding. On the other hand, the thing which is more essential in the wedding is the attire. In addition to the attire, the hairdo of women does matter. However, they are very particular about their dress up and hair that they are having. Besides, people wanna try new looking every time. But destroying the natural color of the hair is not good. Thus, there are many methods by which women can have the best way to make the hairdo. One such method with which they can look gorgeous is by nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions.  

Nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions? 

The pre-bonded hair extensions are known as the fusion bonded extensions which people are using. However, they are available with all the well-known techniques in the market. On the other hand, this is one of the oldest methods in which the hair extension is available. In addition to this, it is still popular among all the people who are there in the hair extension technicians. Instead of using the loose hair, nail tip pre bonded hair extensions is the best alternative which women are having.  The hair extension is having many names in the market.  

Know more about hair extension  

Moreover, the hair extension is having the best cold and fuse solid bond with which women look attractive and gorgeous. Using the heat gun, the pre-bonded extensions are attached to the natural hair. This process melts the small bond of keratin into sections that are there with the client’s hair. On the other hand, using the curly nail tip hair extensions is having many advantages. Wanna know some of them? So, read the article further.  

Benefits curly nail tip hair extensions 

There are many advantages of using the nail tip pre bonded hair extensions for having good and classy hairdo. However, it is the best reason that the people are busy using the hair extension for the gorgeous look in the functions. Some of the advantages that are there in using the hair extension are as follows- 

  • Addition of length to the natural hair 
  • You will experience added volume to hair 
  • Available with customizing colors  
  • On the other hand, it also has the mix color individual strands 
  • There will be lowlights and highlights 
  • Effective and durable with proper care 

Thus, these are some of the benefits which are therewith using the curly nail tip hair extensions. However, you must have proper care of the hair extension when it complete with the installation.  


Therefore, these were all about nail tip pre bonded human hair extensions which you must know. On the other hand, you may have confusion finding the type of hair extension. Besides, if you don’t wanna destroy the natural hair then the fusion method of hair extension is the best option. Thus, you must have some of the benefits which the hair extension is having. Apart from this, the hair extension is usage till 5 to 6 months with proper care.


Everything to know about clip in hair extensions purple

Everything to know about clip in hair extensions purple

   So, no matter whether it’s a boy or girl everyone wants to move according to the fashion trends, isn’t it? However, boys are a little adjustable with what they have. But talking about girls, they commonly wish to have what they are not having, right? Like talking about the hair, if you are among the girls who are not satisfied having the straight hair they wish to have curly hair thereby. On the other hand, they can’t remove their natural hair or make them how they want. Thus, this is the reason that the clip in hair extensions have come into existence. In addition to this, people prefer to have clip in hair extensions purple or several other colors. 

Also, if you are having the type of hair extension so you must know everything about the extensions before applying it. However, in this excerpt, you are going to know every detail about the clip in hair extension grey. 

Clip-in hair extensions- things to know 

Moreover, the hair extensions are not the simple task which everyone can have. However, for having the hair clip in hair extensions you must know all the details about the type of hair extensions. So, some of the things which are the people having hair extension must know are as follows- 

Temporary status 

So, you are planning to have a look with clip in hair extensions with highlights? Thus, you must get aware that the clip in hair extensions is just temporary. However, they will not provide you with permanent benefits with the looks. On the other hand, this is also one of the reasons that people prefer to have the clip in hair extensions. Also, they are easy to put in as well as easy to put it out. 

Safer than permanent extensions 

Furthermore, when you are going for this temporary style of the hair extensions, you must also know that the clip in hair extensions grey is safer. So, instead of having the permanent hair extensions you can have this type of clip in hair extensions. However, the clip in hair extension gets attach to the natural hair with just single clips. Thus, it stays without destroying the natural hair with the help of tape, glue, or sews. Therefore, you must select the one with having the best clips along with the hair extensions. 

Clip in hair extensions with highlights


On the other hand, with the safer and temporary look, the clip in hair extensions is available with different highlights. However, this is the reason that you can have different looks on different occasions. Other than this, you can have the highlights of the hair extensions according to the dress you are having on that particular day. So, you don’t have to move for the permanent hair extension. Thus, have the clip in hair extension with different highlights and styles. 


Therefore, these are some of the things which you must get aware of having the clip in hair extensions purple. However, look gorgeous with having the perfect hairstyle with the perfect outfit. On the other hand, this is the way that the girls are making sure that they look glamorous in all the occasions. 


Guide on best stick tip hair extensions aftercare

Guide on best stick tip hair extensions aftercare

Did you just get the best stick tip hair extensions? Get ready to flaunt your beautiful hair. But do you know that you have to take more care of extensions than you do? Why? That’s because hair extensions if left without care will fall out. Henceforth, you must take good aftercare of your hair extensions. How? Don’t worry we have got everything covered in the article. Read further.  

hair extensions

Best stick tip hair extensions aftercare tips  

However, before we tell you some aftercare tips you should know what Remy stick tip hair extensions are. They are like every other extension of your hair but they have stick tip at the top. Sometimes, they are known as i-tip hair extension as well due to its shape. Using a micro ring or tube these extensions are attached to your scalp. And in the end, a plier is used to flatten the ring. As a result, it says secure with the hair at the place.  

Best stick tip hair extensions brushing tips  

How to brush  

how to brush hair extensions

However, many people think that applying hair extension means trouble washing hair. Also, they think that they have to remove hair extension before washing. And to save their time from these activities they skip the idea of using Remy stick tip hair extensions. But that’s not the case as you can comb and wash your hair even with the extensions.  

However, you should be careful while using a brush. It includes minimizing your brushing time. By this we mean don’t brush your hair often rather brush in the morning and evening. Also, brush them before going to bed. Start with ends and then go up. When you brush from the bottom you are putting less stress on the double drawn stick tip hair extensions. Moreover, be careful while brushing over as it can stick in rings.  

How to wash

how to wash hair extensions

Another problem that many girls face while using the best stick tip hair extensions is how to wash the hair. The good technique is to brush your hair before washing. Also, brushing after washing is a good way to take care of the extensions. As a result, you are reducing the hair fall risk as it will not tangle and make brushing difficult. However, you should not wash hair in the bathtub rather use the shower. It is because washing in running water helps in removing extra hair products from the hair. Also, it avoids tangling the hair.  

How early should I wash the double drawn stick tip hair extensions after fitting? Well, you should not go for immediate washing instead of wait for 48 hours. Give a gentle massage to the scalp using your fingertips. Don’t apply the conditioner on the scalp rather use it to the bottom and mid-length of the hair.  

Best stick tip hair extensions shampoo and conditioner 

If you think that your usual shampoo is also right for the hair extensions then you are wrong. You have to pick a shampoo that doesn’t contain paraben and sulfate.  

Moreover, you should not be drying hair by scrubbing them with a towel. Simply, pat them with a dry towel and squeeze to remove extra water from the hair. Also, you can use a hairdryer but keep the heat low or medium and use it in a downward motion.  

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Guide for getting access to ombre stick tip hair extensions

Guide for getting access to ombre stick tip hair extensions

It’s a dream of every girl to look attractive and glamorous on special occasions and events. However, this is the reason that they are looking for attractive hairdos. With this, ombre stick tip hair extensions you can attend the wedding or any family function. On the other hand, this is the way that you can look different and stylish. And ombre stick hair extension is more popular among people. On the other hand, you don’t require any bonding material to attach the extension. Apart from this, there are some of the extension which usually requires the bonding material such as adhesive, glue and others to attach. 

hair extensions

About ombre stick tip hair extensions 

ombre hair extensionsMoreover, there is a small loop that is attached to the scalp when it is closely pressed. As a result that people are getting a natural look with a secure and enduring ending. However, there are several ways that the tip hair extension is people who have observing the fall in hair extension. But you don’t have to worry, especially when you are the first time user of the purple stick tip hair extensions. The hair fall is due to the mistakes that you have done in applying for the hair extension. So, you wanna know some of the reasons why there is a fall in the hair extension? Then in this article, you will get to know. 

Know the Reasons for falling of hair extension 

purple hair extensionsYou are going to get the tips towards the prevention of the fall in hair extension? Then first you must know the reason behind the happening. The purple stick tip hair extensions are losing the strands which are the only reason that it is normal in the span of life. There will be natural shedding in the hair because of the extensions. This is the way that the extension falls easily and becomes a loser. Therefore, there is nothing done because of poor fitting techniques. But if one tries to pull out some of the strands then you have to move to the salon for putting it back. 

Duration of hair extension  

silver stick tip hair extensionsStill, there are many queries among people regarding the duration of the silver stick tip hair extensions. However, the duration usually depends on the hair extension fit by the professional experts. The work that the expert beautician is performing and his ability to work is the best way to note the duration. On the other hand, when you are contacting the best salon for the services then there are best professionals which are hired. Thus, when the people move to the worst hairdresser the bad extension technique makes it fall. 


Well, it’s for sure that every person engages with falling of the hair extension. However, there are many tips and techniques to stop silver stick tip hair extensions from falling. And this is the way that the people get access to the best method for attaching to the hair extension. Willing to move for applying for hair extension? So, move to the best hairdresser for applying to the hair extension. Therefore, have the best services for the hair extension.  

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Tips to Secure the Micro Ring Hair Extensions Falling Out

Tips to Secure the Micro Ring Hair Extensions Falling Out

hair extensions

Although there are many hair extensions micro-ring hair extensions are one that’s quite popular. And that’s because you don’t need any adhesive, glue or other bonding material to attach them. It has a small loop or ring that gets attached to the scalp when pressed closely. As a result, you get natural-looking hair that is secure and enduring. However, there are several ways that cause micro ring hair extensions falling out.  

Don’t worry; it is normal especially when it’s your first time to apply for hair extensions. You might have done mistakes that cause micro ring hair extensions gone wrong. Luckily, we are here to tell you some simple tricks for preventing the hair extensions from falling out.  

Reasons for falling out the micro ring hair extensions  

micro ring hair extensionsHowever, before knowing the prevention tips you must know the reasons behind micro ring hair extensions falling out. First of all, know this that losing a few hair strands is normal over the life span of your hair. But the natural shedding of hair cause extensions to become a loser and ultimately your extension falls out. Therefore, it has nothing to do with poor fitting techniques. However, if you pull a few strands then it will come out and you have to go salon for putting them back. Apart from this, there is another query among those who use hair extensions.  

Micro loop hair extensions how long do they last?

Well, it does depend on how well your hair professional did his work. Also, it depends on the quality of hair loop extensions. So, a bad one will fall out easily but if it comes out unnecessarily then try our tips.  

Tips for preventing micro long hair extensions falling out  

Wash your hair  

hair extensionsAlthough it is recommended to use shampoo before fitting hair extensions, should I use conditioner as well? It’s no, avoid using conditioner while shampooing your hair. It is so as to prevent anything to affect the bonding of hair with extensions. Moreover, use a shampoo that removes any dirt and excessive oil from your hair. It is because instead of providing a good grip to the extension it makes micro ring hair extensions falling out.  

The right type of ring  

micro ring hair extensionsUnfortunately, many of the users apply the wrong type of ring that is also a cause behind the quick falling of extensions. Just know that you got two types of rings-silicone lined and copper tube rings. Copper tubes are best as they last longer and look more discreet than other rings. Moreover, they stay longer and don’t fall out even after brushing and washing. But if your hair is greasy and oil often comes into them then use silicone lined rings.  

Brush it right  

However, the worst mistake you do is bad brushing your hair or you may be using wrong type of brush. Use a loop hairbrush to comb your hair. It will not interfere with the bonds or rings of the extension. On the other hand, the normal brush can cause micro ring hair extensions falling out easily.  

Also, take good aftercare of your hair extensions to prevent them from falling fast.