Tips to Secure the Micro Ring Hair Extensions Falling Out

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Although there are many hair extensions micro-ring hair extensions are one that’s quite popular. And that’s because you don’t need any adhesive, glue or other bonding material to attach them. It has a small loop or ring that gets attached to the scalp when pressed closely. As a result, you get natural-looking hair that is secure and enduring. However, there are several ways that cause micro ring hair extensions falling out.  

Don’t worry; it is normal especially when it’s your first time to apply for hair extensions. You might have done mistakes that cause micro ring hair extensions gone wrong. Luckily, we are here to tell you some simple tricks for preventing the hair extensions from falling out.  

Reasons for falling out the micro ring hair extensions  

micro ring hair extensionsHowever, before knowing the prevention tips you must know the reasons behind micro ring hair extensions falling out. First of all, know this that losing a few hair strands is normal over the life span of your hair. But the natural shedding of hair cause extensions to become a loser and ultimately your extension falls out. Therefore, it has nothing to do with poor fitting techniques. However, if you pull a few strands then it will come out and you have to go salon for putting them back. Apart from this, there is another query among those who use hair extensions.  

Micro loop hair extensions how long do they last?

Well, it does depend on how well your hair professional did his work. Also, it depends on the quality of hair loop extensions. So, a bad one will fall out easily but if it comes out unnecessarily then try our tips.  

Tips for preventing micro long hair extensions falling out  

Wash your hair  

hair extensionsAlthough it is recommended to use shampoo before fitting hair extensions, should I use conditioner as well? It’s no, avoid using conditioner while shampooing your hair. It is so as to prevent anything to affect the bonding of hair with extensions. Moreover, use a shampoo that removes any dirt and excessive oil from your hair. It is because instead of providing a good grip to the extension it makes micro ring hair extensions falling out.  

The right type of ring  

micro ring hair extensionsUnfortunately, many of the users apply the wrong type of ring that is also a cause behind the quick falling of extensions. Just know that you got two types of rings-silicone lined and copper tube rings. Copper tubes are best as they last longer and look more discreet than other rings. Moreover, they stay longer and don’t fall out even after brushing and washing. But if your hair is greasy and oil often comes into them then use silicone lined rings.  

Brush it right  

However, the worst mistake you do is bad brushing your hair or you may be using wrong type of brush. Use a loop hairbrush to comb your hair. It will not interfere with the bonds or rings of the extension. On the other hand, the normal brush can cause micro ring hair extensions falling out easily.  

Also, take good aftercare of your hair extensions to prevent them from falling fast.