Is it Too Hot to Put On Wigs in the Summer? Your Summertime Hair Questions, Answered.

Everything You Ever Before Wanted to Know Concerning Using Wigs in the Summer

With summer just around the corner (just 2 and also a half months away!), new wig users and also wig experts alike are wondering: how can I keep my head cool during the summer? 

We get questions like that each year from people much like you. 

Using wigs can be uncomfortable, particularly if you’re brand-new to wearing them. 

Add heat as well as moisture in addition to that, and also using a wig feeling particularly troublesome. 

That’s why we put together a listing of generally asked questions concerning putting on wigs, hats, and headscarves throughout the summer. 

This year, we desire you to remain amazing, comfy and gorgeous – even when you remain in the center of a warm front. Hair Ideas for 2020

Can I use a wig in the summer season?

The short answer: yes. 

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If you have actually been putting on wigs for some time and don’t mind the heat, then proceed and rock your favorite style all summer season long. 

Nevertheless, if you’re brand-new to wearing wigs or making use of putting on a wig in the warmth, you might be much better off thinking about a different head covering. 

Hats with hair, normal hats, and headscarves are all fantastic alternatives to standard wigs when the climate is cozy. Make certain to wear a wig cap or liner underneath to protect your scalp. 

What are best types of wigs to wear in the summer season?

Synthetic, synthetic, synthetic. 

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Even if you usually use human hair wigs, you may want to consider transitioning to an artificial wig this summertime. 

Human hair wigs look all-natural because they’re made of thick, human hair. In the summer, human hair gathers sweat and oils and also becomes extremely heavy. 

Synthetic wig hair fibers are lighter and also don’t collect as much liquid. For the best months of the year, synthetic wigs will certainly keep you cooler as well as feel lighter on your head. 

Will I lose my style in the warm?

Yes, and no … 

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If you determine to stick to your human hair wig this summertime, your style will usually flatten throughout the day, just like with your all-natural hair. 

Synthetic wigs, nonetheless, constantly hold their shape. These wigs have “design memory,” hold their design in moist or hot environments, and get better to their initial design also after they have been washed. 

Perk: the color of your synthetic wig will not discolor in the sunlight like the shade in human hair wigs will certainly. 

Which wig styles are the best to use in the summer season?

Pixies, Bobs, Boy Cuts, oh my! 

There’s a factor your parents took you to the hairdresser for a shorter cut when the academic year ended. 

Longer styles are heavier as well as accumulate great deals of sweat as well as excess oils, bearing down your wig. Much shorter designs have much less hair and also as a result, accumulate much less liquid. 

Less fluid = lighter wigs = cooler scalps. 

If you’re 100% established on wearing a lengthy hair wig this summertime, attempt intertwining your hair. 

Ponytails commonly don’t look terrific on wigs because they draw the wig hair on the contrary direction that it’s stitched into the cap. 

A pigtail will certainly comply with the direction of the wig hair and help you maintain your hair off your scalp. 

Selecting a lighter color can additionally help you beat the heat. 

Dark shades bring in sunshine and can trigger you to overheat quickly. Try a brand-new, light shade this summer to keep your scalp temperature down. 

If you have ever wanted to try going blonde, currently’s the moment! 

Should I wash my wig regularly in the summer season? 

Yes, yes, and yes. 

While washing your wig frequently can create damages, it’s crucial to clean your wig during the hotter summertime. 

Excess oils and sweat build up in the cap of your wig quicker throughout the summertime, which will certainly make your wig larger (and also hotter), triggering damage to your wig cap and also wQig hair. 

If excessive oil accumulates, you might even experience breakouts on your scalp, particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

Not sure exactly how to clean your wig? Review our wig washing overview. 

Is it all right to run about in The sun all the time with my wig? 

Only if you have the right equipment. 

Grilling, boating, outings, gardening: the most effective component of summertime is every one of the great outside tasks you can’t do throughout the rest of the year. 

But if you’re investing great deals of time outside in the summertime while using your wig, you can cause serious damage. 

Sunlight is one of the most typical cause of damage to both wigs as well as natural hair. Like your favorite patio chair, the shade of your wig will fade the longer it stays in the sunlight. 

Continuous straight sunlight can likewise damage down the fibers of your wig. If you intend to spend a great deal of time outside this summer, use a hat or headscarf over your wig to safeguard it. 

Hats as well as scarves not only look elegant. However they likewise secure the durability of your wigs. 

We wish we addressed all your inquiries about wearing your wig during the summer season! 

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